Past trauma can cause many issues such as behavioral problems and susceptibility to illness, injury & disease. These traumas might be epigenetic issues acquired or inherited from the animal's lineage. 

BodyTalk is a powerful approach to address stubborn conditions that need to be approached at Genetic and Epigenetic levels. BodyTalk is able to address the genetic markers that negatively affect how genes are expressed, whether acquired or inherited.  

One example is a championship dressage mare that came up lame. MRI's, UltraSounds and X-rays showed no physical reason why she should be lame. After a series of BodyTalk sessions, the issues causing the blockages were released, and the lameness disappeared. This mare returned to the show ring to win over and over again.  

The journey is sometimes a painful one, yet the results speak for themselves.  It is said that anything worthwhile takes work....and I agree. As the animal heals, so does the guardian. It is, after all, a family matrix.