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This Equinox I will be in Palenque, Mexico holding ceremony and ritual with a beautiful group of starseeds in honor of the Equinox and our Ancient Ones. My friend, Greg Iadarola, will hold our annual Spring Equinox Despacho Ceremony, via zoom, this Wednesday, 3/22, beginning at 6:30PM PDT. We honor the approaching light as we hold gratitude for the work we have done in the dark of winter. When we hold these ceremonies and perform these rituals, we work for Nature, our beloved Pachamama. When we connect with her frequency, everything with-in us aligns in peacefulness with her. Everything flows peacefully. Negativity cannot touch us because we are now aligned to a frequency that is pure love. This Ceremony is free and open to all, no matter their experience. We will open the "doors" at 6 PM PDT, start at 6:30 PM PDT and continue until complete.

  • Date: 03/20/2024 18:25
  • Location Zoom link: Room ID: 558 845 0619 Password: 654871


Zoom link:

Room ID: 558 845 0619 Password: 654871