"Llankay, Munay, Yachay"

Todos hemos sido creados para ser hijos e hijas de la luz.

Every person deserves for their inner child to experience love, laughter, joy, to feel safe and be loved. When this doesn't happen, the pain and fear cut deep, so deep we may even become fragmented. We may turn to addictions to numb the pain and keep experiencing the lack of self-worth or self-esteem. 

The deep truth is that you can stop listening to the lies and conditionings so deeply engrained in you, and begin your journey back to living...truly living. Facing the deep pain and feeling how deep the wounds are is absolutely essential to re-discover your true authentic self.

It is a journey of self-discovery and healing from within. You learn to love yourself so fully and so deeply while embracing the return of all your fragmented self. 

Con mucha gratitud comprendo y abrazo mi poder Femenina Divina, mi valor y fortaleza, mi dulzura, mi capacidad de amar con corazón abierto y desarmado, de sanar de las heridas de la falta de honradez e integridad, y recibo el regalo tan poderoso de volar con Siwar Q'enti, el águila y el condor. 

Charlene is a ceremonialist, healer, Sanctioned Mesa Carrier of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, and an honored apprentice of Shamanismo Solar Inka con su Maestro Espiritual, el Apuq Ñuapany Puma. 

Her path (camino) began at age 4 with guidance from her ancestors, spirit guides and celestial family. She continues to cultivate a deeper relationship with la Pacha and the unseen world.