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¡Allinpunchaw y Munay preciosa gente! Click on the link below to listen to "Ábrete Corazón" by Alonso del Río, and may your heart be filled with the miraculous sustaining power of love.

"Ábrete Corazón"
"Words hurt. But silence breaks hearts."
May 5, 2024
Just what the world needs... another podcast.
Well, maybe it does! Greg Iadarola and I have just posted the first episode of our new podcast, entitled "...and the heart leads the way". 

Please, feel free to watch/listen, share, and tell us what you think!
YouTube: ...and the heart leads the way
Spotify: ...and the heart leads the way

April 10, 2024
“Ascension isn’t about escaping this reality, but rather, embodying ourselves in the here and now, in such an unshakable way, so that this reality must morph around us to be able to contain our presence!”  ~ A Teacher of Masters at Bonampak, Mexico - through Aluna Joy

It's been 2-1/2 weeks since I returned from my spiritual pilgrimage to Comalcalco, Bonampak, the jungle and the Secret Temple in Palenque, Mexico. Re-integration into this 3d life/world has been challenging. I miss those sacred sites and the energies that made themselves visible to me. I discovered and welcomed back pieces of my heart that I had left there in previous lifetimes. Every moment was magical, pure joy. Every word spoken, every movement, every breath was sacred and with purpose. "Welcome home! We've been waiting for you!" was the message I heard as I walked the trail to Comalcalco.

The road to Bonampak was a dirt road much like the one to my hometown that I traveled as a kid. I couldn't help but stick my head out the window like I used to giggling with joy as the hot, humid breeze blew through my curls. On arrival, I met a beautiful 7-year old Lancandón child named Chanquín who led me to the sacred site speaking the whole time of the sacredness of this place. The ceremony held there was precious and moved me to tears.

Our last day at Palenque we hiked in the jungle for hours. We climbed to the Secret Temple of the Red Queen where she would sit in prayer. On the way there I picked up a stick about 2-feet long. In my right pocket I carried a small rock that I brought with me from USA. After reaching the temple and receiving transmission from a Master Teacher thru Aluna Joy, we all sat quietly. I kept looking at the stick and the rock that I held. It came to me so clearly that the rock and stick needed to be joined in sacred ceremony-- the stick representing the South, the rock representing the North. I gave the rock to Aluna representing the North (being from USA), and the stick to Enrique representing the South (being from Mexico). Enrique offered prayer in his Mayan language and then poured water representing love and compassion over both North and South.

When complete, we stood quietly. It came to me to offer a prayer that I say every day standing under my tree at dawn. Enrique agreed to translate to english for me line by line. I said the first sentence in spanish, Enrique translated to english. As soon as he finished, the howler monkeys began their sounds. They were incredibly close and powerful. As we kept going with the prayer, they kept howling even louder. About a minute after we finished, they stopped. Everything went quiet. I was in tears. It had been a cloudy, hot and humid morning, yet all of a sudden through the dense trees, the sun came shining through so bright and beautiful. I felt the rays hit me and with the sun, all the birds came alive and began singing. Spirit let us know we were heard.

It wasn't until much later that it was given to me why I was there. I am from the land with the broken heart (the Panama Canal), which tore the North and South apart. I was there as the messenger of that land, a Child of the Sun, aiding in reuniting the North and South. At the same time that we were doing our small sacred ceremony, indigenous Elders of many tribes were also at Palenque performing ceremony for this very same reason. For the first time in this lifetime, my purpose began to show itself. I sit in this new space and time of deep and sacred peace, of pure joy, of Munay, the love and compassion, waiting in wonderment for the magic to continue unfolding. ¡Nib Óolal!

February 14, 2024
“Humanity has been downloaded and upgraded, not just in consciousness, but this time in your physical reality. This is the first step to the new Earth template beginning to manifest in your living material world. Your dream of a new world is no longer a myth, a metaphysical belief, or a secret. It is now becoming a reality. Deep inside, there have been subtle shifts within you. You are starting to feel the process of embodying your true self. We hear you. You have wanted to go home for so long. We feel your struggles. But now you will find that your home is within you. It is not even something you know in your mind. It is something you feel in your soul. You will begin to feel more hopeful and have a new self-confidence level. You will feel your passion for your work in this world start returning, but not in the same way. You are now feeling the first step into physically embodying the template of the new human. You worked so hard for this. You have paid a huge price for this. Now, your patience has paid off."  -Lord of Peace, Pakal of Palenque.

Earlier this month I spent six glorious days in Mexico City and Teotihuacán. In March I will return to Mexico, this time to the heart of the Maya world (Palenque, Bonampak & Yaxchillian), on a spiritual pilgrimage to honor and celebrate the Equinox and my birth-day, which falls on the Equinox (synchronicity!). I've looked forward to this for four years, and it's finally a reality. These are places where the Kanchay (celestial light) and Kawsay (earth energies) meet, where ley lines meet and powerful energies reside, where meditation and sacred ceremonies/rituals will be performed to honor the ancient ones, the new earth grid and the Divine Light with-in all sentient beings. I ask that I may wander with an open heart and an open mind, and that I receive information/messages/energies that will allow for deeper clarity of my purpose on this beloved and precious Mama Pacha in this lifetime.

"De las Estrellas a la Tierra caigo y regreso.
En Boa y Anaconda, dejo huella.
En Ballena y Delfín, nado.
En Águila y Condor, vuelo.
En Puma y Jaguar, tengo visión.
En Llama y Alpaca, nazco.
En la Madre Tierra, sano.
En el Alma, yo vivo."
¡Hinayá! ¡Que así sea!                                                                  

"We are a living loving Consciousness of Oneness"

July 28, 2023
"I fully accept the GIFT of freedom from old karmic contracts.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM free from feeling responsible for other people's wounds.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM free from apologizing, defending or justifying my existence.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM free from past events that drained me of my life force.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM choosing what is right for me without guilt, shame or regret.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM no longer feeding past creations with my attention.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM free from anything that does not support my God-ness.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM filling my future with self respect, love, peace, joy, bliss and kindness.
Thank you Prime Creator.
I AM focusing on what will fulfill my soul's purpose.
Thank you Prime Creator."

July 9, 2023
The time to return to my land is near. I close my eyes and feel the heat, the warm ocean waters and soft breezes. I wake to the birds singing, roosters at dawn, dogs barking, and the train as it travels behind my house. I hear the rain as it hits my aluminum roof and the deafening music that this creates. I bask in happiness and bliss as I look around my room. It's pure joy to return to the simple life I knew and loved, and left behind 52 years ago. I revel in the stillness.

"I feel like I should want more, but I don't. I want less. Less stuff, less rushing, less stress, less noise. I want simplicity."

April 3, 2023
"La medicina sale cuando la luz sale del corazón. Somos hijo(a)s de la luz — deberíamos brillar como la luz. Somos hijo(a)s de la naturaleza y del padre sol. Estamos en el SonqoPacha - la era del corazón." ~Ñuapany Puma

To be with-in the heart, we need to let go of all the negative that we've held onto. Those that remain trapped in the mind will continue to live within that system that controls them. That person doesn’t think for him(her)self, and has no relationship with him(her)self. There isn't much time left for the choices to be made. To remain in 'altered' consciousness is to continue sleepwalking through life. Will you choose to wake up? To look at your true self in the mirror? To walk away from all the addictions? If you say yes, you're in for an amazing journey into pure love, pure love of all your-self, the alchemizing of your true self.

The cleaner we are, the more connected we are with our Earth Mother. We then connect further into that which guides us within the frequency of pure love. It's all around you. You need only to call it in.
February 16, 2023
These are some beautiful souls I sit in circle with, always growing, always learning, always embodying more and more love. Sitting with like-minded souls in community support the peace and calm with-in and with-out. Find your tribe(s). It's imperative we be in alignment with our truth, our integrity and our connection to Source in this pivotal time. Take what resonates with you. Leave behind what doesn't.

Apuq Ñuapany Puma
Oracle Girl
Carol Fitzpatrick
Celia Fenn
Patrice Fields
Don Oscar Miró-Quesada
Aluna Joy
Pam Gregory
Patricia Cota-Robles

Apuq Ñuapany Puma, one of my most respected teachers, produced this film.
Walk with love.

La Profecía del Munay

December 17, 2022
I'm having hip replacement surgery in 4 days, on the Winter Solstice, 12/21/2022. This is exactly 2 years to the day that I woke up unable to put my weight on my right leg on 12/21/2020, the magical day the portals opened at Ulurú. It's also 22 years to the day that Mami dropped her physical body on 12/21/2000. I know Spirit chose this date for a reason.

The amazing miracle is the elimination of the PCR "test" that I was required to do 72 hours before surgery. I've prayed about this for 4 months, and Spirit answered in a magnanimous way. I'm v@x-free, and in all these years, I never took that "test" nor complied with any of the m@ndates. I was ridiculed, bullied and even called hurtful names by my family members and "friends". Everything required one or the other, so the "privilege" of travel, social gatherings, family weddings, indoor seating at restaurants, cinemas, gyms, etc. were out for me. I was kicked out of countless places for not wearing the suffocation device on my face.

These past three years have been an incredible journey of so many miracles and blessings, the greatest one being that Spirit forced me to sit completely still this entire time. In that stillness I released so much of the past that no longer serves me.  What came out of this deep inner journey is self-love on an immense scale. I've fallen so deeply in love with every aspect of me, shadow and light. I learned to speak my truth and release most of the really is the big one. It's been a super lonely ride, but worthwhile. I'm able to move freely, be who I truly am, and finally be able to return permanently to the land that birthed me, to my people and to my culture, where I truly belong. I sit in the deepest of gratitude. ¡Hallalla! 

August 16, 2022
I’m realizing lately how “smart” the Matrix is. Smart in the sense that it chooses ways and methods to pull me back in, without even realizing what’s happening in the moment.

What do I mean when I say “pull me back in?” Simply put—-back into my old thought patterns, old emotional reactions, old patterns of behavior, old programming—-in short, the old paradigm I once existed in. I say 'I existed in' because in the old paradigm I wasn't my true self, so I wasn't truly living.

In this moment of NOW, it's become increasingly apparent to me that I am a witness, an observer, to all these old emotions, reactions, patterns of behavior, etc. The wondrous epiphany is to discover that I observe, but don’t participate. I sit in peace, in total calm, joy, and drama-free (for once in my life/lifetimes!). THIS is 'La Nueva Tierra del Amor', donde vivimos en completa harmonía con todos los elementos, en nuestros corazones, conectados con nuestra Alma completa, viviendo en puro amor, honestidad, integridad y guiada por la sabiduría.


July 7, 2022 
Today is a powerful time to heal the subconscious and heart. We’ve all had traumas and wounds that we’ve pushed to the bottom of our consciousness, but now the emotions around the pain are coming into focus. We want to take action to heal our deepest wounds and mend relationships. . We’ve all been holding in tears, emotions, and uncertainties that need to be released.


June 5, 2022
Morgellon's Disease vs. me.
I've suffered from skin issues for over seven years. It began on my face and on my lips, and then moved into my hands, then my entire arms. I went to countless dermatologists, doctors, and even to the emergency room. No one could diagnose what I had, but continually prescribed the antibiotics and steroids, which made my condition worsen automatically. Last December I woke up to a face that was red, cracking, burning, itching, flaking and felt like sandpaper. I was terrified. I did the best I could to relieve the pain and itching, but not much helped. I saw my face change right before my eyes. In March an old friend and master in bioenergy work saw me and said "that looks like Morgellon's". At the time he thought Morgellon's to be attributed to arthropods, so he treated me for that. It helped a bit, but my skin kept burning, itching, and felt like creatures crawling underneath the surface.

About a month ago a friend sent me a video entitled "What in the World are They Spraying" which brought new information into my view. Even though it's 10 years old, it's worth watching.  From there, I found Dr. Gwen Scott and Clifford Carnicom and their research into this condition. There is no cure for this....yet. In my gut I know every being is suffering from this in one way or another. The aerosol spraying of our skies with toxins and poisons and who knows what else is global. We all breathe the air. Skin manifestations is just one way this dis-ease shows up.  It's in joints, hips, blood, name it. Yet another eye opening documentary, "The Dimming", investigates the existence of global weather intervention operations.   

What I know as truth is this--- I did not, and do not, give anyone permission to spray me like a bug.  I've survived mystery illnesses since birth, Karmic curses, curses directed at me by others and even by their lineages, direct psychic attacks, negative entities jumping into me from others, negative thought forms, and more, so I'm not willing to sit back with this. I encourage you to share these videos with everyone you know! We are Sovereign Beings. Let's shine our Divine Light onto this.


Use your voice. The more you say no now, the more power you have.


April 27, 2022
"We warned that one day you would not be able to control what you have created, that day is here. Now we must unite once again to create an energy shift upon Grandmother Earth. She cannot take any more impact from all the selfish decisions being made. We have come to that place in this time upon Earth, to now make a stand together. To unite - each in our own sacred life - ways we have chosen to walk, whatever religion or belief, go to your sacred spaces and join us in these special prayers for the Earth on June 21. It has been proven we can create miracles when we unite spiritually.
I humbly request a time from each of the two legged in this world to send a prayer to heal our precious Earth and the balance of Mni wiconi to be restored. Begin to prepare in your homelands to unite - All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer - for the sake of Grandmother Earth, our source of life, not a resource. In a sacred hoop of life where there is no ending and no beginning."  
       ~Chief Arvol Looking Horse, 19th Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe


April 15, 2022
April 12, 2022, was the powerful conjunction of Jupiter with Neptune in Pisces, which was said to be the most evolutionary alignment of 2022. The last time this happened was in 1856, before that in 1690, and before that in 1524. The expansion of emotions was palpable. It was magical. This prophesied time has been called the "planetary wakeup call," a time that will bring higher frequencies into human consciousness.

Star child, star seed, or whatever you want to call me, I never felt like I belonged here. I knew this since I was little. I clearly recall at age 6 sitting at my kitchen table observing my family and thinking "who are you?" I see now so clearly the many things that I did my entire life that hurt and degraded me....all to try and "fit in," to be seen, to be heard, just to be loved and respected for who I am, only to be ridiculed and bullied even more.

This time now finds us "weirdos, outcasts, sensitive ones" peacefully observing the old world crumbling and falling away. I no longer fear intimacy, nor do I need to protect myself from inflated egotistical, narcissistic and conditional relationships because they are obsolete. We now live in a world of truth and right action, born of an open heart, and guided by our ancient wisdom.


22/02/2022 -- February 22, 2022
"Today is a powerful portal day with shifts and energy movements all over the Earth. Many Light workers are joining together in meditations and activations to welcome and ground this energy. What a beautiful time it is! To be able to live fully in the gentle and loving creative energy of the Divine Feminine (02/22/2022) and to feel that we are loved and supported by our Angelic and Galactic families in this New Creation. Love to everyone on this Sacred and Powerful day!"  ~Celia Fenn


February 20, 2022
In recent weeks I've experienced a deep dive down, at least that's how it felt. It's been murky, dense and felt like quicksand. It manifested in stronger pain in my right leg/hip, making it intensely difficult to walk. My skin began its own manifestation of what is moving out of me with horrible rashes on my face and neck, literally burning and itching all at the same time. What I saw in the mirror freaked me out.

Today I hit rock bottom. What came rushing to the surface was all I've been trying to move past, all I've been trying to heal. The burning and itching and swelling on my face and neck became unbearable, and when I looked at the aging face in the mirror.....a face that has aged 8 years in 18 months.....I broke down.

What's left? Surrender. I forgave myself for believing that I am unworthy and a piece of trash that can be discarded. First thought that came into my mind..."are you kidding me?" And then when I looked back into the mirror at myself, I saw past the physical and saw only love, pure unconditional love. I fell in love with every single wound, wrinkle, scar and imperfection that is me. I let go of the visual damage that's happened to to my physical body in these last months. I re-membered that this body is only a temporary house for my beautiful soul. I was reminded that I chose to be here during this remarkable time.

In seeing the aged, wrinkled, scarred, and wounded face in the mirror I recognized some deep truths. Most important was that all my responses in this lifetime came from traumas. The "I don't need anyone" syndrome was my survival tactic to shield my heart from abuse, neglect, betrayals, and disappointment from those who could not, or would not, be there for me. I saw my wounded heart hiding behind a protective brick wall. Impenetrable. Nothing can get in so that nothing can hurt me. Except love did get in. And although it broke my heart into a million pieces, it shone light on very deep truths.

I am worthy of love, of having my heart held with integrity, respect and tenderness. I am worthy of having a true soulmate partnership, and I say 'true' because the word 'soulmate' is thrown around way so casually these days by the ego self. I am worthy of being honored, adored, cherished and valued. I am worthy of having someone say to me, 'You rest. I got this.' And then actually deliver on that promise. I am worthy to receive. I am worthy simply because I am.

And as Love would have it, in perfect synchronicity, I was sent this beautiful message:
"Right here, right now, in this body, in this moment, you are the Divine Feminine. In your rage at the injustice of the world and in your deep love and compassion. In your celebratory experiences, and in the heart wrenching moments of solitude. You are the Divine Feminine. You do not have to commit to one box, definition, label or description. The Divine Feminine is inclusive and embraces all that surrounds her, not needing to be cut up and defined. Like beautiful waves on a shining sea, we are each of us flowing in our individual splendor; unique, undefinable and still connected by the divine currents of this sacred flow. You are the Divine Feminine. Embrace your brilliant individual light."  ~Janet FeatherStrike

Love is a powerful force to be reckoned with. It will shred anything but love.
This is my truth, and to avoid truth is poison to me now.


January 13, 2022
I had a moment of true enlightenment in the very early morning of 1/11....the deep realization that I could no longer maintain one foot in the old world and one in the New World. Being in the old timeline is toxic to me now. Cords, ties, hooks and a bond with my Ranti that I've carried in my heart and cherished for 48 years needed to be completely severed and deleted from my frequency. Interestingly I thought I had done that some time ago. But my soul was clear: "you're still hanging on, it's time to let go."

It's a sober realization to hear the deep inner truth. And so, I said goodbye. Goodbye to the old bond and ties, to the love of my life (mi precioso Ranti, my twin soul), to the hopes and dreams I had carried in my heart for over 48 years. I watched it all in my rear view mirror---the grief, sorrow, humiliation. Slowly a lightness, which took me completely by surprise, flowed in, and with it, a deeper level of self-love. All the love that I had given to another had nowhere else to go, except back into myself.

"Life sometimes gives you your most brilliant gift disguised as your worst nightmare."   ~David Icke


December 4, 2021
Today, December 4th, is a Total Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are about balance. This is the challenge now. The chaos vortexes around us are creating overwhelming fear, separation and division.

The upcoming Winter Solstice (12/21/2021) marks the center of the first 20-year Mayan Katun cycle.  On December 21, 2021, we will flip the timeline from the past to the future. It's a huge opportunity to let go of the past that is no longer working for you---a time to open your heart, and to fully surrender yourself to the higher frequencies. This takes breaking away from your old patterns & belief systems, your familiarity of things which you believe keep you "comfortable." This can be super scary stuff, and excruciatingly painful and difficult. I know because I've done it, and continue to do it. Just know that anything less than love is being left behind. As my guides recently said to me so clearly in a meditation: "No more fear. Only love."

Que así sea. Que así sea. Que así sea.
Y así es.

¡Hallalla, Haylli, Huyayay, PachaMunay! 

October 7, 2021
October entered with a force I've not felt since last December. As a collective, we are being deeply challenged. We get to see what we are made of, to go through the excruciating process of letting go of old beliefs, wounds, illusions, comfort, dreams and attachments of both the past and the future. We are releasing on a very deep level whether we like it or not. It’s dark, uncomfortable, pressurized, and sometimes scary, but there is no going back.

It's hit me like a mack truck, literally. The physical pain in my back, hip and legs make it difficult to walk. Exhaustion, insomnia and nausea have set in, once again, to drop me to my knees. These are times of pivotal transformation and growth. I relish my freedom to create my new life on this, La Nueva Tierra del Amor.

 ¡Munay y Ajó!

July 17, 2021
"The things that we're running from are only chasing us because they're not meant for us to avoid. Discomfort pursues us because it has something to teach us, and we'll never receive that important teaching until we stop running from it. The soul needs them in order to transform and to evolve. As an example, a great loss will break your heart, but there are few things that will produce greater forms of compassion and empathy in the world and for others." ~ Mateo Magee

On December 21, 2020, I was struck with intense physical pain in my right leg and hip. This wasn't the result of an injury or fall. I went to bed totally fine only to fall flat on my face the next morning unable to walk. I believe Spirit decided that this was the day I was to stop moving in order to literally force me to lay quietly for days on end for a very important reason. This pain, debilitating at times, has been constant, but what I've come to understand is that, in being forced to be still and quiet, I had to stop running. I was forced to sit with the pain and discomfort, not just physical, but at very deep emotional and spiritual levels. My heart was in such pain that I felt the pieces breaking. I could hardly breathe at times. I couldn't cry anymore. It was excruciating.

I began healing slowly at a core level which I can only describe as miraculous. Pieces of my fragmented soul from other lifetimes returned. So many pieces of my beautiful inner child that had left and gone into hiding to avoid pain and abuse came forward. As I embraced every fragmented piece and aspect of me, no matter how painful the memory, or how deep the wound, the softer I became. It's as though my soul decided "it's time to be whole again". I couldn't run away or avoid the pain anymore. I was on my knees.

It's been a journey of self-discovery and deep lessons. I learned that I can't live without myself, my entire self. I learned that no one defines me, except me. I learned that I'm not a victim. I learned to stop blaming others for my pain and suffering, and to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and words. I learned to embrace the power of my voice, which had been censored for so long in this and other lifetimes, and to speak my truth from a place of benevolent compassion and love, the deepest Munay. I learned that I was born innocent and magnificent, and that my previous belief systems of being trash, less than, not worthy of love, not worthy of being heard, not valuable---all were impositions placed on me by others.

Most importantly of all, I learned the immense value of integrity and honesty in relationships. It was with the deepest sorrow that I walked away from those who lied to me and betrayed my trust, and in doing so, disrespected and dishonored me on so many levels. Betrayal sucks at any level, but it is agonizingly painful when the betrayal comes from someone you gave your heart to. I understood, however, that they, too, are fragmented because of their fears and deep pain and wounds, which they choose not to face, and which often results in an attempt to protect oneself because there is a memory somewhere of being unable to protect oneself in the past.  This can injure their ability to meet someone emotionally and intimately exposing their true self, without the drugs and alcohol, unmasked and vulnerable, on the platform of truth and honesty.

So many epiphanies. Indeed, some unbearably painful at times. Just as the beautiful lotus rises up from the mud, so my soul has risen out from the depths of darkness and into the Light. For the first time in my life (lifetimes), I feel pure unconditional love of self. I am deeply in love with Charlene Cooper Ayuso Quintana Ramírez. 

January 2021
I had the honor of being interviewed on Austin Bitzas's podcast, "Life as a Secret Yogi". Austin is an amazing individual on a quest to help people find their "inner yogi" as a tool of self-healing and growth.

His YouTube channel, Secret Yogi, hosts multiple holistic practitioners of different modalities. Austin's podcasts are inspired by his gratitude and his love of helping others.
 Apple Podcast Link:
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