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October 7, 2021
October entered with a force I've not felt since last December. As a collective, we are being deeply challenged. We get to see what we are made of, to go through the excruciating process of letting go of old beliefs, wounds, illusions, comfort, dreams and attachments of both the past and the future. We are releasing on a very deep level whether we like it or not. It’s dark, uncomfortable, pressurized, and sometimes scary, but there is no going back.

It's hit me like a mack truck, literally. The physical pain in my back, hip and legs make it difficult to walk. Exhaustion, insomnia and nausea have set in, once again, to drop me to my knees. As I lay awake all night, rather than focusing on the pain and frustration of this, I opt to be grateful to Divine that I'm being vibrated so much that I can't sleep — that the energy of this DNA change is so great that sleep cannot be accomplished at times. I keep reminding myself I'm like a snake shedding its skin, and the new one has not emerged yet. Yup, these are definitely times of pivotal transformation.

I'm so grateful to have my beautiful blood family and my tribal family that support me and help me keep my head above the rising waters. I am flowing down the river and around the rocks (i.e., old emotions, memories, traumas) rather than crashing into them. This time I am relishing in the freedom to create my new life on this, La Nueva Tierra del Amor. ¡Munay y Ajó!


July 17, 2021
"The things that we're running from are only chasing us because they're not meant for us to avoid. Discomfort pursues us because it has something to teach us, and we'll never receive that important teaching until we stop running from it. The soul needs them in order to transform and to evolve. As an example, a great loss will break your heart, but there are few things that will produce greater forms of compassion and empathy in the world and for others." ~ Mateo Magee

On December 19, 2020, I was struck with intense physical pain in my right leg and hip. This wasn't the result of an injury or fall. I believe wholeheartedly my body decided that this was the day I was to stop walking or moving, and literally forced me to lay quietly for days on end. I'm still learning to live with this pain, which can be debilitating at times, but what I've come to see so very clearly is that, in being forced to be still and quiet, I had to stop running. I was forced to sit with the pain and discomfort, not just in the physical realm, but at a very deep emotional level. My heart was in such pain that I felt the pieces breaking. I could hardly breathe at times. It was excruciating.

I began healing slowly at a core level which I can only describe as miraculous. Pieces of my fragmented soul from other lifetimes returned. So many pieces of my beautiful inner child that had left and gone into hiding to avoid pain and suffering came forward. As I embraced every fragmented piece and aspect of me, no matter how painful the memory, or how deep the wound, the softer I became. It's as though my soul decided "it's time to be whole again". I couldn't run away or avoid the pain anymore. It knocked me down on my knees.

It has been a journey of self-discovery and deep lessons. I learned that I can't live without myself, my entire self. I learned that no one defines me except me. I learned that I'm not a victim, but rather, a victor. I learned to stop blaming others for my pain and suffering, and to take responsibility for my actions, thoughts and words. I learned to embrace the power of my voice, which had been censored for so long, and to speak my truth from a place of compassion and love. I learned that I was born innocent and magnificent, and that my previous beliefs of being trash, less than, not worthy of love, not worthy of being heard, not valuable---all were belief systems and impositions placed on me by others in my formative years. Most importantly, I learned the immense value of integrity and honesty in relationships. It was with deep sorrow that I walked away from those who lied to me and betrayed my trust. In doing so, I understood that they, too, are fragmented because of their own fears and deep pain which they choose not to face.

So many epiphanies. Indeed, some unbearably painful at times. The grief and sorrow is transmuting into pure love and compassion for those that are in such profound pain. Just as the beautiful lotus rises up from the mud, so my soul has risen out from the depths and into the Light. For the first time in my life (lifetimes), I feel true unconditional love of self. I am deeply in love with Charlene Cooper Ayuso Quintana Ramírez.


January 2021
I had the honor of being interviewed on Austin Bitzas's podcast, "Life as a Secret Yogi". Austin is an amazing individual on a quest to help people find their "inner yogi" as a tool of self-healing and growth.

His YouTube channel, Secret Yogi, hosts multiple holistic practitioners of different modalities. Austin's podcasts are inspired by his gratitude and his love of helping others.
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