Re-member, re-connect, re-balance.
A paradigm shift that brings energy and consciousness into focus.

for animals and humans

journey inward

 Bringing energy and consciousness into focus -- the journey inward

The body can re-establish communication within and between its brains (yes, we have more than one!). Once the communications lines are open and in harmony, the body innately can begin its healing process.

I have witnessed what I can only describe as miracles. As we give ourselves permission to be ourselves freely and authentically, we re-member to love ourselves with the deepest compassion.

As our self-love is re-membered and re-established, so is our health re-newed. The wisdom of our entire being, every facet of ourselves, shifts and re-balances, bringing joy and wellbeing bubbling up from the depths where it had been buried for far too long.

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Tired of being sick and tired? Feel stressed and anxious for no apparent reason? Imagine an alternative gentle, non-invasive and powerful wholistic approach that works on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) to restore health. Visualize blocked energetic systems causing imbalances and breakdowns, eventually resulting in illness or injury, being dissolved and released by your body.

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Animals experience stress just as we do. Maybe even more so in that they reflect and mirror issues that you or a family member may be experiencing to help you, to protect you. One example that comes to mind is a championship dressage mare that came up lame. MRI's, UltraSounds and X-rays showed no physical reason why she should be lame. After a series of sessions, the issues causing the energetic blockages were released, and the lameness disappeared. This mare returned to the show ring to win over and over again. Be the voice for your animals. Give them the chance to release any past memories, emotions or trauma that are causing physical problems within their body. They can then begin healing from the inside out. ** Distance healing is just as effective as hands-on healing whether the client is across town or across the globe. Available upon request.

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“Shamanic wisdom teachings help us to grow, transform and deepen our connection to all of Creation. With shamanic initiations we can reconnect to the sacred within and around us as we expand our consciousness and experience dimensions of reality beyond what we can ordinarily perceive. We can all learn the shamanic arts to assist us in restoring health, harmony and well-being to ourselves, our families, our communities, and Mother Earth and her children, the plants, animals, minerals and our fellow humans. Then, magic and miracles can happen.” ~ Cynthia Greer

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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us and is what causes us to be alive. If one's "life force energy" is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy..

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The drum is a sacred healing tool with a unique spirit. Drumming is a way to align with the Divine, as has been experienced since ancient times, through native spiritual and shamanic healing practices. When the two are combined, the result is an enhanced healing experience. The drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimal vibration.

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Initial Session

  • Initial sessions will run approx. 90 minutes.
  • Search fauxceo@gmail.com on link below for payment.

Group sessions

corporate wellness

corporate wellness corporate wellness corporate wellness
Group sessions are uniquely created for companies like yours that are ready to bring mindfulness and wellness programs into the workplace. Energy and sound healing reduce stress and allow the brain to function in a calm, relaxed state. This translates into higher productivity rates, less stress and elevated teamwork.

Offer healing sessions on a weekly basis for your team or staff. Or choose to offer a discounted price for individual sessions as part of your wellness package.

Your employees will experience enhanced energy levels, greater clarity and focus, and a sense of calm and balance.

Distance sessions are just as powerful as in person sessions. 
A great option for companies with more than one office or international offices!

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Light-Life® Tools

Light-Life® Harmonizers

Each Harmonizer is a combination of rings and a coil shaped into a 3-dimensional sphere that creates a unique, continuous flow of energy. Research has shown that they emit a Life Field (L-field) that has a positive output. To the clairvoyant, the Harmonizers appear to emit a coherent holographic light field, which increases the vibrational frequency of the nearby energy, cleaning the environment and your personal energy field.

Light-Life® Rings

Light-Life® Rings bring positive life-force energy of everything within their fields, which contributes to improving overall health and well-being.

Light-Life® Acu-Vac Coils

There is no limit to how you can use Light-Life® Tools to enhance your life.



Dr. Hulda Clark PhD., N.D. believed that every living creature broadcasts its presence like a radio station, the sun, or the stars. She developed an electronic technique that can check for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, solvents and toxins. The method rests on radio electronic principles. Her machine is called the VariZapper. Click on the link below to order your very own VariZapper!

Essential Oils (CPTG)

DoTERRA Essential Oils

Essential oils are far from new, and their use is not a health fad, but rather an integral part of holistic healthcare. Instead of simply relying on synthetic medications, you can opt for natural remedies with thousands of years of history and a rapidly growing body of research supporting their benefits.

DoTERRA Supplements

Have you experienced confusion as you stare at the aisle of supplements at Whole Foods or Walgreens? What brand to buy? Which brand is best? Which brand is reliable? No more confusion! This line of supplements has the purest of essential oils to support your body in the natural way it needs.

DoTERRA Sample

Not sure if this is for real? No problem. I'm happy to send you a sample. Simply pay for postage and handling, and the rest is on me. If you are local to my area, you are welcome to stop by and receive a complimentary sample.


  • 390 Diablo Road, Danville, CA
  • Suite 115


  • 10/05/2019 12:03
  • 710 Highland Drive, Danville, CA, USA

FREE "Blessing of the Animals" by the Franciscan Friars at 1 PM. I will also be offering information on BodyTalk for Animals. Intro sessions will be available!

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  • 04/16/2019 19:00
  • 390 Diablo Road, Danville, CA, USA

Have you ever experienced any of these---personal trauma, family crisis (medical or relationship), severe illness or health problems, family or environmental crisis, self-doubt and inner confusion. If you answered "yes" to any one, you are not alone. This may be the one quiet step towards healing that you've been longing for. Savor a meditative state in which your body relaxes and begins deep healing at a cellular level. Sometimes no words need spoken, just sound, whose unique vibration and frequencies resonate within the body at different levels. Experience a Shamanic "limpia" (cleansing) to further support the body in healing.

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  • $10.00
  • 02/04/2019 19:00
  • 390 Diablo Road, Danville, CA, USA

There is mysterious alchemy that happens when you're in a safe space with other women. You get to deeply reflect on what's happening in your inner world and see the gems waiting for you inside your heart. There are women out there—closer than you think—who are ready to hold space for you to reacquaint yourself with your powerful vision. On this new moon of Aquarius, women all around the world will be gathering in Sister Circles to explore the theme for this gathering: " Inspired Visionary: I am awake, guided, and living my purpose ."

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  • 10/06/2018 12:00
  • 710 Highland Drive, Danville, CA, USA

FREE "Blessing of the Animals" by the Franciscan Friars. Bring your animal to receive the blessing by the Friars at 1 PM. From 12 noon - 3 PM, participate in the Blessing for the Animals Fair.

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Does distance healing really work?

Yes!  And sometimes even more powerfully than in-person because there is no distraction.  

We are all energy. Energy is everything and everything is energy. With intent and focus, all is possible.

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Why do animals need energy healing?

Our animals take on our issues.  They feel what we feel.  They are incredibly intuitive because they live in the moment.  

More times than I care to count, these beautiful animals take on our stuff to help us, to protect us, because they love us unconditionally and without question.

Energy healing translates into less stress, less injuries, less surgeries. A body in harmony (whether it be yours or your animal companion's) equates to being stronger, healthier and vibrant.

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What do I want you to know?

Energy healing is real.  

It brings the consciousness-based perspective to Western medicine.

Don't underestimate the power that past trauma, memories, emotions and past life experiences have had on you. Once your body lets go of past issues, it can re-set the communication between all cells and re-gain vitality and health.

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Got questions?

I am happy to offer a 20-minute session for $45.  

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Who am I?

Any or all modalities may be used in a session.  Innate wisdom is always present.

  • Curanderismo -- Shamanism
  • BodyTalk for Animals & Humans 
  • Holy Fire III Karuna® Reiki Master
  • Drumming for Sound Healing
  • QuantumTouch®  
  • Esoteric Acupressure Practitioner
  • SourcePoint®
  • Certified Essential Oils Coach
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