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Nothing is coincidence. Everything is synchronicity. Everything is Divinely orchestrated. Email announcing ceremony didn't go out. Family emergency didn't allow Greg to co-host ceremony in Napa. Extreme fire danger warnings posted for weekend. In essence, I changed location of ceremony to Robert Crown Beach in Alameda with the intent of balancing water-fire elements and honoring the re-birth process we are in. I was alone to do this Despacho amongst many families enjoying their day at the beach. The children were so interested. Parents didn't seem to mind them being around me observing and listening to my singing, and I'm tone deaf so you can imagine! :-) As I began folding the paper, it broke open. Not from the sides, but right on the bottom. Whaaat??? I've not ever seen this happen before. Everything began falling out. So I pulled it together as best I could, wrapped it with the base layer of manta (cloth), picked it up like a newborn baby and carried it into the ocean with me against my chest. Surprisingly (or not...), the water was not even cold. It felt warm against my skin. I felt so happy, so blessed, filled with love. I gently allowed the contents in the manta to fall into Mama Qocha, offered prayers of gratitude and unconditional love to her and Mama Pacha, and watched as all the flowers spread and listened to the joyful screams and laughter of the children as they saw the flowers washing up the shore. It was an amazing moment. One I'll never forget and cherish forever. I felt such peace, such bliss, such a balm of healing for my heart which had been broken. To top it off a beautiful sister wrote to me and said: "We are giving birth to a new Earth, a new humanity! Maybe that's why you couldn't wrap the Despacho yesterday and you were alone to give it to the water. Indeed the baby was born!"

  • Date: 05/08/2021 11:00 - 05/08/2021 15:00
  • Location Robert Crown Beach, Alameda, CA (Map)