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Intiqchuri -- "I am a Child of the Sun"

It's important to stay in the Temple of the Heart, out of our ego, or a need to be right, and to understand that every person is on their unique path as part of their individual compacto.

What affects one, affects everyone.  It is what the Maya call "In Lak'ech Ala K'in".  This means "what I do to you, I do to myself, and what I do to myself, I do to you".  So the more we live and act from the heart, the higher the collective frequency will be for our beloved Pachamama and for all beings that live with-in and with-out her. In this year we will be able to easily live more from the heart and from the new incoming frequencies, rather than acting from the head, which is now mostly wisdom of the past.

In Inca traditions, this time is referred to as the Taripaypacha (tah-ree-pie-pah-cha), which means "to merge with the Universe".  In Andean prophecy, this refers to the new Golden Age.  It is known as the age of meeting ourselves again, a coming together again of the Children of the SUN, the children of Light, and the re-creation of a new and higher frequency world, el MunaySuyu, la Tierra del Amor.

Ahayo Pachamama
Ahayo Mama Kiya
Ahayo Wiracocha
Ahayo Inti
Ahayo K'uychi

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