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Have you ever experienced any of these---personal trauma, family crisis (medical or relationship), severe illness or health problems, family or environmental crisis, self-doubt and inner confusion. If you answered "yes" to any one, you are not alone. This may be the one quiet step towards healing that you've been longing for. Savor a meditative state in which your body relaxes and begins deep healing at a cellular level. Sometimes no words need spoken, just sound, whose unique vibration and frequencies resonate within the body at different levels. Experience a Shamanic "limpia" (cleansing) to further support the body in healing.

  • Date: 04/16/2019 19:00
  • Location 390 Diablo Road, Danville, CA, USA (Map)
  • More Info: Suite 115


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Donation:  $25 with RSVP.  $30 at the door.

The opposite of fear is love and peace. This is a sacred space where you will be safe and supported, and welcomed with much joy.  

RSVP only if you are definitely joining us, as our space at "Centered" comfortably holds only about 15 people laying down.  

Bring a yoga mat or pad for lying on the floor along with a blanket to cover yourself to keep warm.

You may bring a notebook & pen if you wish to journal your experience.

You may bring an eye cover.