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Chakras are thought to be portals through which the main energetic channels of the body flow. They’re electromagnetic vortices that take in and redistribute life force energy in and around the body, all the while maintaining the free flow of energy (life force vitality) in our bodies. We’re in a tumultuous time as we observe all that we knew falling apart. We understand and sit in our heart centers, most of the time in deep peace and calm. It’s inevitable that our chakras will fall out of alignment with all that is occurring around us. The day to day 3D isn’t easy, and we appreciate what support is offered us. Tonight my co-host, Greg, will take us through a chakra cleansing and clearing. All that built up “hucha” (dense energies) will be purified and cleared out. Gracias hermano Greg por la bendición de esta ofrenda. A’jó. I invite you to join me tonight and every Wednesday evening, as we sit in peaceful community offering love, healing and compassion to our Mama Pacha and to all sentient beings on this earth. We're living an auspicious time. If you would like more understanding and support, join us! Everyone is welcome. WHEN: Tonight (and every Wednesday night) -- doors open at 6:15 pm PT. Circle begins: 6:30 pm PT. WHERE: Via Zoom If by any chance you are prompted for a meeting ID or passcode here they are: Meeting ID: 558 845 0619 Passcode: 654871

  • Date: 12/06/2023 18:30
  • Location: Online Event


This is the time to take a in depth look at what you believe gives you personal comfort or security. Is it a delusion? Or an illusion? Do they really serve you? Are they addictions that mask fear, insecurity and low self-esteem? Hard questions, but the truth is what will allow you the journey into yourself, and begin the process of being in more balance and alignment with life and Nature. It's the opening of your heart door into freedom....and falling deeply in love with yourself.